Web Communications Manager: New York University Abu Dhabi

NYU Abu Dhabi

Led the New York-based New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) web team and launched NYUAD’s web site. Graphic design responsibilities included: adapting the look-and-feel to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding web site; maintaining the integrity of the design, the brand and the visual agreement of all the site elements; as well as photo editing. nyuad.nyu.edu

  • Designed NYUAD
    Course Catalog
  • NYUAD course catalog
  • Created Web Site Slide Shows
  • slide show
  • Designed Slide Shows for Lobby Display
  • plasma screen calendar display

Editor: Web Site Photos

NYU Abu Dhabi Home Page

Researched and edited photos for the web site, selected images to convey the enthusiasm of the new NYUAD campus. Created home-page slogans that communicate school's message with attention to the relationship of colors to the site's design.

  • Home Page Photos
  • Section Front Photos
  • Institute speaker

Project Manager: Video Archive

NYUAD Video Archive

  • Video Player
  • Video player
  • Project managed the creation of the NYUAD video archive and supervised the design of the archive pages.

    The archive has grown from 113 video files at launch in March 2009. The videos document conferences, lectures and workshops in Abu Dhabi and New York.
  • Video Archive Listings
  • video archive
  • Video Highlights
  • video highlights

Designer: Library Search Interface

NYUAD library

  • Tabbed Search Design
  • Search tabs
  • Designed the library site to allow users to search resources in Abu Dhabi and New York and give them access to NYU libraries for database searches, loan requests, and online support chat-with-a-librarian. Tabs simplify usability issues for multiple search functions.
  • Search Support
    Chat Window
  • Chat Window

Web Designer: Insideschools

Insideschools High School page

Redesigned this large site of reviews, videos, advice and statistical information on NYC public schools. The redesign improved the information architecture, usability and site design, shifted the site's emphasis to news and made content more comprehensible to non-native English speakers by adding videos and slide shows. www.insideschools.org/

  • Slide Shows Feature School Reviews
  • Home page with slide show
  • Layout Makes for Quick Read of Review Data
  • School review page
  • How to Apply Advice Includes Text & Videos
  • How To Apply to Middle School page