Film Screening at the New York Public Library

September 2010

Miss Goldblum's Gowns by Jennifer

Miss Goldblum's Gowns by Jennifer is screening October 15, 2010 2:30pm at the New York Public Library, part of the Cover/Art film series. New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, 40 Lincoln Center Plaza, New York City, phone: (917) 275-6975, view map.


Miss Goldblum's Gowns by Jennifer is a day in the life of a young American expat artist in Paris. This three minute fantasy follows Miss Goldblum through her daily routine wearing her remarkable dresses. Miss Goldblum's Gowns will screen with Paris Is Burning, a 1990 documentary film on the culture of drag balls in New York City.



Miss Goldblum's Gowns by Jennifer on Vimeo.

Jen Sloan, Camera, Pre-Production Planning
Pamela Golblum, the Star
Laurie Karp, the Girlfriend
Bill Hansen, Editing
Bill Barvin, Lighting
Toni Jacovodis, Make Up and Fashion Styling

Jen Sloan Photo Collages
Swirling Lines : Straight Lines : Openings & Oculi : Grids : Curving Lines : Structures
: Figures & Faces : Trees : Lettering

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